• Tori Lubecki
    Tori LubeckiPresident and Founder

    The true aim of Tori’s life is to empower women, liberate victims of abuse and inspire artists to create. Since she isn’t a counselor or expert in abuse prevention, she decided to use her expertise in performing to help raise money for those who can help victims of abuse. Tori’s original idea was to produce shows whose proceeds help people out of abusive situations. She has recruited the most intelligent, talented and creative people she knows from entertainment and philanthropic industries to help make her dream a reality.

    Even before she could walk, Tori was dancing. Her natural talent, combined with stern determination and work ethic has led her to more than 20 years of performing professionally as a dancer and/or aerialist. She has performed and choreographed for Alabama Contemporary Dance Company, is the resident choreographer for Spiegelworld’s Absinthe, and has been performing in the Cirque du Soleil show, KA, since 2008.

    Tori’s resume speaks volumes about her physical abilities, but it doesn’t touch on her outstanding character and compassion for others. She is a foster mom to two rescue pups, who were left handicapped as a result of abuse. Tori never considered herself a dog person, so she was pleasantly surprised when she learned of her own capacity for love and compassion toward these animals. They are a daily reminder of how damaging abuse is. Yet the most profound thing she learned was their ability to heal and trust again with just a bit of help, love and support. Because of this and personal incidents from her own family history, Tori’s mission became providing help and support for those who have been abused.

    Tori has experience as a coach for the Special Olympics and a teacher for the Boys and Girls Club. Her volunteer work includes St. Baldrick’s, Three Square Food Bank, Run Away with Cirque du Soliel, Circus Couture, and Golden Rainbow’s Ribbon of Life.

    Tori’s appreciation of good health led her to open a small organic food company called Heirloom Foods. She prefers the company of strong independent free thinkers and she is passionate about raw food, sacred geometry, yoga, breve macchiatos, motorcycling and the truth.

  • Danielle Perez
    Danielle Perez

    Danielle has always felt a calling to help make the world a better place. She is a passionate humanitarian involved in philanthropy through many means.

    She firmly believes all people have the strength to overcome hardships and to find true happiness through love and some faith in humanity. Her goal is to inspire this belief.

    Born and raised in St. Louis she earned her degree in Sociology from the University of Missouri- St. Louis. She moved to Las Vegas in 2011, but her life took a difficult turn when she found herself in an emotionally, and eventually physically abusive relationship. She is grateful for never fully losing herself at this time and instead finding strength within and hope in others.

    She says her friends and family helped her through the difficult time, but she had to find strength and courage in herself whenever situations arose again. She learned abuse has many different forms, and her experience made her realize that anyone can fall into situations like that. She never imagined something like that would ever happen to her, but it made her a stronger person and encouraged her to hopefully inspire others as well.  Danielle thinks it’s important to help others realize the respect they deserve first and foremost.

    Her work in the past has  included caregiving for adults with autism, and work training for people with developmental disabilities. She also volunteers in food drives, clothing drives, fundraising events, mentorship, and consulting.

    Danielle is currently focusing her life work on philanthropy and will be volunteering abroad for disaster relief in Nepal this summer. She lives in downtown Las Vegas with her gypsy dog, Benny.

    Volunteering and helping others is her passion in life, every day she tries to help other people and bring some happiness into the world, and believes that’s what being a humanitarian is truly about.

    • Jamie Pannucci
      Jamie Pannucci

      As a competitive gymnast growing up, and later a professional circus artist, Jamie has been lucky enough to have spent nearly her entire life surrounded by people from other backgrounds and cultures – exposure that has aided in her understanding that we can come from all corners of the earth, but kindness always speaks the same language.

      At a young age, Jamie’s dad gave her this quote on a plain sheet of paper: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Its simplicity has always struck a chord with her; you really never know what someone is going through, and should always treat people as you would want to be treated.

      A high-flyer with a real fear of flying, she understands that life doesn’t always make the most sense from the outside. Jamie takes pride in her ability to empathize and encourages others to be proud of their own unique stories in life.

      After growing up in Maryland, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Florida, and specialized training in swinging trapeze with coaches from San Francisco to Montreal, Jamie has lived in several cities but found a home and a happy career as an aerial acrobat with Cirque du Soleil in 2008.

      Jamie also teaches aerial arts and conditioning to kids and adults. She encourages her young aerial students to work not only on their physical strength, but to understand that it doesn’t matter how beautiful they are on the outside if it doesn’t come from a genuinely good place on the inside.

      With varied volunteer experience over the years, Jamie’s biggest inspiration to be a part of Philanthropy Entertainment is being an aunt to three nieces, a nephew, and a mama to her handicapped French bulldog, Uni. If she can help be a part of making the world they live in even just a little bit better, then everything Philanthropy Entertainment does will be worth it.

      • Stacey Magiera
        Stacey Magiera

        Stacey Magiera, from Chicago, Illinois, grew up competing in gymnastics. After winning 6 State titles and holding the Illinois state record of a 10.0 on uneven bars for IHSA, she accepted a full gymnastics scholarship to the University of Illinois at Chicago. Stacey competed 4 exceptional years of NCAA Division 1 collegiate level gymnastics.

        After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Science, Stacey decided to expand her passion for acrobatics and talents by becoming an acrobatic performer.

        It was no surprise to anyone when Cirque du Soleil asked her to join their shows. Her natural leadership and strength shined through and she was named Acrobatic Captain.

        The level of success Stacey has experienced comes from her hard working and dedicated nature. As the oldest of four children, Stacey has always had a protective nature about her and wants to extend that to victims of domestic violence.



      We at Philanthropy ENT want to congratulate Danielle on her mission to Nepal, where she will selflessly aid in much needed relief work for the masses there. Danielle, we wish you lots of love, safety and strength as you embark on this journey, and we’ll be thinking of you here at home. All the best to you!

      With bittersweet hearts, we’re proud to announce that our board director, Stacey Magiera, has been selected to participate in the creation of Cirque du Soleil’s new show, Pandora. Based on James Cameron’s legendary movie Avatar, this touring show is sure to be an amazing experience for Stacey. As her third show with Cirque du Soleil, her tour with Pandora will begin in August in the United States. Las Vegas won’t be the same without her infectious spirit, but we’re so excited for her and this next chapter in her performance career. Cheers, Stace!